Santa Fe Gourmet was started by a group of friends that noticed the growing popularity of chipotle mayonnaise,
a new condiment featured on the menus of restaurants and delicatessens in New York City, and wanted to bring this
invigorating taste to kitchens around the country.

We enjoyed the bold, smoky flavor and the spread’s ability to not only liven up a sandwich, but act as a dipping sauce
for French fries, vegetables, steak and a variety of other foods.  However, there was a significant lack of consistency
from one purveyor to the next.  The colors varied as did the flavor profiles (smoke/heat).

Being that there was no de facto standard, and we couldn’t buy the stuff in a grocery store, we decided to develop
our own recipe, consulting with several chefs, and teamed up with a family owned state-of-the-art packager of fine
condiments and sauces to create Original Chipotle Mayonnaise - Mayonnaise with Taste!

Our Original Chipotle Mayonnaise is made with only the finest ingredients.  Fresh eggs, soybean oil, roasted
red peppers, chipotle peppers and other fresh ingredients.  In addition to tasting great, Original Chipotle
Mayonnaise is slightly lower in calories and fat content than traditional mayo and it has 0 trans fats.  You also
don’t need to use as much given the unique flavor profile…the user knows there is mayo in the meal as ours has taste!

We developed Santa Fe Gourmet with a goal of bringing this mouthwatering delicacy to grocery stores,
delicatessens and fine restaurants across the country.  For a limited time, you will be able t0
order Original Chipotle Mayonnaise and our Light Original Chipotle Mayonnaise with less
mayo more taste and fewer calories too from this website.  Otherwise, go to your local grocery
store and ask for them by name. 

Try our spreads on sandwiches, salads or anything else that you would use mayo on.
You can also use our Light Original Chipotle Mayonnaise, straight out of the jar, as a
killer dip or sauce.  You can cut it with sour cream for a thicker creamier taste to accompany
more sophisticated hors d’oeuvres.  You’ll love it!





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