Finally, Mayo with Taste!

Santa Fe Gourmet has become a pioneer in a world of otherwise banal condiments.  By combining a hallmark of
southwestern cuisine – the chipotle pepper - with the whitest of garden variety spreads – mayonnaise we were
able to produce a silky smooth, condiment that provides a hint of smoky flavor to an otherwise tasteless ingredient.
Slightly adobe in color this new twist on an old classic is almost guaranteed to liven up any meal that it is added to.

What is a chipotle pepper?

Pronounced chee-POTE-lay,chipotle peppers are smoke-dried jalapeno chili peppers that have enhanced
the flavor of meals going back to the days that preceded the Aztec civilization in what is now northern
Mexico City.  Recently, this brand of pepper has made its way north and has become quite popular in the
southwestern region of the United States.  Today, courtesy of celebrity chefs and the embrace of national
food chains, the chipotle pepper has gained notoriety from coast to coast.


Why mix it with mayonnaise?

Believed to have been invented in the mid 1700s, mayonnaise - an emulsion of oil, egg
yolks and lemon juice has enjoyed uncontested reign as a base ingredient for sauces,
dips, salad dressings and spreads around the world.  Since it is a base ingredient, it is
neutral, bland or void of taste.  By combining the two ingredients we have been able to
cut the heat profile of chipotle peppers while adding a beautiful, full-bodied taste to
regular mayonnaise.  The result is nothing short of remarkable.  A mayonnaise that
completely lights up the taste buds making a vast improvement on time honored
mayo-based recipes and casting an ordinary sandwich in a completely different light.








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